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Resources for the online Embodiment Circles

If you save the resources page in your favourites,
you won't need to look for our email every time you want to join a Circle.

The Circles are hosted on the Embodiment Conference portal. The button "Take me to my Circle" will take you to the Embodiment Circles page within that portal. There, you can enter the Circles's Zoom Room at the time your chosen Embodiment Circle starts.

The first time you use Zoom, you'll have to download the Zoom app via the second button and make a free account. The first time you join a Circle, you fill out your screen name, allow access to your default camera and microphone, and you'll be good to go!

Embodiment Circles Online

Circles are pragmatic and accessible, with no spiritual or political agenda. Circles are fun, touching, and useful during stressful, isolating times. They are co-creative, inclusive and egalitarian and are not meant to replace therapy.

The Classic Circle format involves gentle movement, secular meditation, and sharing. Some Classic Circles are held in a language other than English. Most of them are Thematic Circles, which have a more specific topic - while including the core elements of movement, meditation, and sharing. All groups are hosted by experienced practitioners, sharing their passion.

Have a look at the calendar below to see what's on offer and when. If you register, you will be invited to the BlueJeans meeting room where all Circles take place..

Soon, we'll be posting a quick video here to help you set up BlueJeans. Don't worry, you won't need a separate account or download an app.

To ask questions, discuss Circles and connect with other participants, join this FB group:

To learn more about the Embodiment Conference, join this FB group:

Calendar (timezone adjusted) & Circle Descriptions

  • This calendar adjusts to your local time zone.
    You can set it to your time zone in the settings to the left. You can also click ahead to view upcoming weeks.
  • Best viewed in landscape mode if you're on a phone. 
  • Hover over a title or click on it to see that Circle's description.
    The colour coding will tell you if it's a Classic Embodiment Circle (in English or another language) or a Thematic Circle.
  • Click on the button in your registration email at the time you want to join, and you will enter that Circle. The same button works for all Circles.
    If you haven't received an email from us a few minutes after registering, please check your spam or promotions folder. You will be redirected after registration to the Resources page, which also contains the button.