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Join us to move, connect, & feel better

Get in touch with yourself and others in free 1-hour online gatherings. Embodiment Circles are a positive virtual environment support well-being and health, learning, and community.

The staple ingredients are gentle movement, easy meditation, and sharing to connect.

They are held around the clock and are free to join.


  • Stay sane behind your computer
  • Get a bit more productive
  • Find recognition and support
  • Reduce stress
  • Tap into fun and creativity
  • Learn practical tools
  • Know and like yourself better

Embodiment Circles are pragmatic and accessible, with no spiritual or political agenda. They are fun, touching, and useful during stressful, isolating times. Although some are geared towards a particular group, all Circles are inclusive, as well as co-creative and egalitarian.

The Classic Circle format involves gentle movement, secular meditation, and sharing. Some Classic Circles are held in a language other than English. Most of them are Thematic Circles, which still include the core elements of movement, meditation, and sharing. All groups are hosted by volunteer peers, who also happen to be experienced practitioners sharing their passion.

Have a look at the calendar below to see what's on offer and when. After registering, you will be sent an email with the link to the Zoom Meeting room on the Embodiment Conference portal where all Circles take place.

On the resources page that you'll be redirected to, you'll find that link, too. As well as other resources like a pdf of the general outline of a Circle, a recorded sample Circle, and the schedule for upcoming Circles.

Disclaimer | Embodiment Circles are not therapy, and participating requires a basic level of robustness.

Even though this is a free service, we take your experience seriously. Any complaint will be reviewed by the Embodiment Circles coordinator, the Embodiment Conference's diversity manager, and a fitting team member.

"It would not be hyperbole to say that participating in the embodiment circles has forever changed who I am and how I show up in the world for the better. As a result of having access to this resource, I have been able to acquire a community support system, a sense of purpose, and practical coping tools to stay afloat during what has been the most challenging ordeal of my life. My gratitude has no bounds."- Shanti

"The Circles, with their familiar and new faces, give a rhythm of embodied connection to me throughout the week. I love the mix of meditation, bodywork, and sharing. From the rural West of Ireland, as an older woman, I can be connecting and sharing with people of all different backgrounds and ages from around the globe. It's a wonderful part of my week." - Christine

"The Embodiment Circles offered me a great opportunity for connection, sharing, and learning. The format ensured that whenever I left a circle I had a lovely sense of completion." - Ammar

"The Embodiment Circles have given me a sense of loving connection to people all over the globe. That connection helps support and center me in the here and now, and to see and seize aligned opportunities." - Laura

Calendar (timezone adjusted) & Circle Descriptions

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    The colour coding will tell you if it's a Classic Embodiment Circle (in English or another language) or a Thematic Circle.
  • Click on the button in your registration email at the time you want to join, and you will enter that Circle. The same button works for all Circles.
    If you haven't received an email from us a few minutes after registering, please check your spam or promotions folder. You will be redirected after registration to the Resources page, which also contains the button.

More ways to stay connected

You're so welcome to join this growing community of practitioners of all levels, from all walks of life, and from across the world!

Although the hosts volunteer their time, running the Embodiment Circles isn't free. They are proudly sponsored by Embodiment Unlimited.

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