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Move, Connect, Feel Better

Embodiment Circles support wellbeing, learning and connection and are donation based. If you’d like to be with others in a positive virtual environment, reduce your stress, and move a little to support your health, then join in.

Circles are pragmatic and accessible, with no spiritual or political agenda. They are co-creative and egalitarian and are not therapy, healing, religious, etc. Circles are most often fun, surprisingly touching, and really useful during stressful isolating times.

The Classic Circle format involves gentle movement, secular meditation and sharing. Some of these are in a language other than English. Thematic Circles have a more specific topic but still will involve the core elements. Have a look at the calendar below to see what's on offer.

All groups are on Zoom and hosted by experienced practitioners. They are free of charge; hosts may ask for donations.

List of Circles

In UK time (BST=GMT+1=UTC+1). On the calendar below they're listed in your own time zone & with descriptions. 

Classic Embodiment Circles

Mon 10am
Mon 7pm
Thu 1pm
Sun 9am

Other languages

Arabic – Mon 1pm
Romanian – Mon 3pm
Hungarian – Tue 11am
Dutch  – Wed 8am
Serbian Croatian – Thu 10am
Cymraeg/Welsh – Sul/Sun 11am

Thematic Embodiment Circles

Body Positivity – 3am
Embodied Creativity –  5pm
Finding Home in Ourselves – 2am
Homecoming (for ) – 8am
Make Different Mistakes – 1pm
Self-Regulation after Trauma - 3pm
Discovering Intimacy –  5pm
Leadership and Embodiment – 7pm
Exploring EYP – 0.30am
Queerbodiment – 1pm
Social Presencing Theatre – 3pm
Embodiment & Sexuality – 5pm
Nature’s Rhythm – 7pm
Play and Self-Expression – 9pm

Embodying Archetypes - 8am
Embodied Parenting (30 min) – 3pm
Money & Trauma – 4pm
Presence, Pleasure & Play – 6pm
Self-Compassion – 8pm
Nourishing Movement () – 9.30pm
Impacted by COVID-19 – 12am
Women and Niceness – 10am
Tango, Presence & Connection – 1pm
Parents & Leaders of Youth – 3pm
Playful Connection – 5pm
Boundaries and Connection – 7pm
Tree Huggers Feel Fest – Sat 2am
Steadiness & Ease – Sat 9am
Embodied Spirituality – Sat 11pm
Posture and Mood – Sun 7pm

Time zone adjusted Calendar with Circle Descriptions

  • This calendar adjusts to your local time zone.
    You can set it to your time zone in the settings to the left.
  • Best viewed in landscape mode if you're on a phone. 
  • Hover over a title or click on it to see that Circle's description.
    The colour coding will tell you if it's a Classic Embodiment Circle (in English or another language) or a Thematic Circle.
  • Click on the Zoom button in your registration email at the time you want to join, and you will enter that Circle. The same button works for all Circles.
    If you haven't received an email from us a few minutes after registering, please check your spam or promotions folder.

Example of a Classic Embodiment Circle

You could watch the first couple of minutes of this video to get a feel for the Circles

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