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How to start an Embodiment Circle

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  • Anyone can start an embodiment circle and become a “convener”. Basically just do it. You don’t have to be an experienced embodiment teacher or a facilitator to do so, nor do you need anyone’s permission. The Embodiment Circle is a decentralised peer-lead movement and what’s offered here is “take it or leave it” tips.

    Note that there can be more than one circle in any location. If you can’t see one on this site in your town, or wish to start your own for any reason, here are the suggested steps:

  • 1. Read the short general guidelines document on this site and check that this is broadly agreeable. Each circle is different and there are no “have to’s” except a strong request to keep in touch with other conveners. General agreement with the purpose and ethos of what makes an Embodiment Circle is of course helpful 

  • 2. Join the embodiment circle conveners group on Facebook and say hello. You can arrange a call with an experienced person from the group if you’d like some tips. We’d highly recommend this. If you don’t do Facebook you can mail Mark Walsh.

  • 3. Organise and do your first circle! As a convener your role is to find people to do the different jobs (see the main doc or ask another convener). At first the people coming may well be your friends and people may do more than one role to begin with. We’d recommend not time-keeping yourself so as to share authority

  • 4. Let us know how it went on the conveners group, celebrate and ask The Circles web volunteer to add your group to the list on this site.

  • 5. Most groups have their own Facebook group. Please make it “open” and title it simply “Embodiment Circle CITY NAME” so that people can easily find it. E.g. “Embodiment Circle Amsterdam”.

  • 6. Continue to stay in touch with other conveners online or by phone. Consider coming to the annual conveners gathering