The Embodiment Circle
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The Embodiment Circle is an international network of peer-to-peer embodiment groups.

The purpose of these groups is to support practitioners of a diverse range of embodied arts (e.g yoga, dance, martial arts, bodywork, theatre) in an egalitarian, accessible and enjoyable way. The groups provide connection, community and low-cost learning; and for professionals, mutual business support.

Groups meet in person and may be called “circles” (e.g. “The Copenhagen Circle”), “labs”, “tribes”, “meet-ups” or something else. Groups are non-profit, open to all who’d like to learn and connect, and are democratic. Anyone at ease with the core principles of The Embodiment Circle (see doc below) may start a group. Nobody owns The Circle, and no one style or organisation runs it.

The vision of The Circle is a more embodied, and therefore a kinder and wiser world for all.

The movement movement

One love
One community
One set of guiding principles

No one person
No one practice
No one style

Everyone profits, and it’s nobody’s business.


Top tips for people to start a group

The Embodiment Circle

Guiding principles for local circles

How to start a group?

Anyone can start one, here is how

Top tips for people already running a group

Top tips for convenors

The Embodiment Circle online

In response to Covid 2019 we have created online circles using Zoom video software, there are numerous languages and times available, see more information.

Embodiment Circles

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Need to update your group? Want to start a new one?

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